John Park Painting Live at Opening of Hello World April 20, 2013

John Park Painting Live at Opening of Hello World April 20, 2013

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Who is The Cat Cult?

Part of the experience of urban LA is the blur of colors and slogans and slurs shouting out at us from structures and walls in the form of graffiti, wheat pastes, signs and even sculpture as we whirl past in our cars, busy at life. And, from time to time, an iconic image begins to crystallize, borne of repetition, size and creative impact. And these iconic images, even neon cats, become embedded in our experience of our environment. Meow!

One creator of such public content is LA artist collective, The Cat Cult, presenting work at urban art curator, Luna George's Hello World, April 20th.


Cat Cult is a collective of artists who are based in Los Angeles, California. Its participants create work both individually and under the singular identity of Cat Cult, displaying work in galleries as well as on the streets. Cat Cult embraces a variety of mediums, including printmaking, illustration, photography, painting, sewing, and graphic design. From trickster characters to divining spiritual guides, cats have been used throughout history to represent important figures within ancient fables and myths in cultures and societies across the globe. Cat Cult embraces these multidimensional identities that the cat embodies and plays upon these iconic ideas in playful and ironic ways throughout the urban environment.

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