John Park Painting Live at Opening of Hello World April 20, 2013

John Park Painting Live at Opening of Hello World April 20, 2013

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fiber Fresh and Yu Cotton-Well

Hello World explores a vast array of talent including that of fiber artists.  From cross stitching, crocheting, embroidery, knitting and more...fiber artists in this show are edgy, fun and full of passion for their craft.  

Yu Cotton-well, a Hello World exhibiting artist, uses fiber as her main medium and often blends it with ordinary objects to connect the relationship between her personal life and her artwork, and also to appeal the audience with a message which is always hidden under anyone's everyday life. Her subject matters often deal with social, political, and cultural issues, but from a domestic perspective, which makes it easier for the audiences to understand and relate them to their own personal experiences. Cotton-well wishes to capture those moments in life where we pause and look inward to reflect our home, root, and even a scent from our childhood because she strongly believes that being aware of our root is an indispensable element for us to make a change in the world that we live in.

Here are some images of some exceptional work by Yu Cotten-well, enjoy and stay tuned for more...

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