John Park Painting Live at Opening of Hello World April 20, 2013

John Park Painting Live at Opening of Hello World April 20, 2013

Monday, April 15, 2013

Hello World Features King Bee from Bronx, NY

Stemming from New York, the artwork by The Royal "Kingbee" impressed curator, Luna George, and we are very proud to announce that Kingbee will have work on display for the Hello World exhibit opening on April 20, 2013 at The Service Station. 

Alfredo Bennett, professionally known as The Royal “Kingbee” is a New York City-based artist. He was born in Harlem NY and raised in the Bronx since the early 70’s. He began his illustrious career painting graffiti on walls until gathering recognition and eventually being commissioned to perform his artistic abilities for numerous businesses, public and private all throughout the city of New York. Some commissioned works being for Youngland clothing store, Bacardi Liquor, and Rite-aid just to name a few. Highly talented, respected, mysterious and probably the most underestimated underground artist of our time. KingBee is the Founder of UWLAW (Urban Writers Logos and Walls), one of the most talented graffiti crews in New York City throughout the 90’s. His skills are continually evolving in all art mediums and categories including body art, canvases, and logos. KingBee still continues to reside in the city that never sleeps, Bronx, NY. Here he still continues to draw inspiration from his surroundings, which happens to be one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

Artwork by King Bee
KingBee Map

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