John Park Painting Live at Opening of Hello World April 20, 2013

John Park Painting Live at Opening of Hello World April 20, 2013

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Todays Art With Maxx Moses

Today, Maxx Moses aka Pose2 was in LA painting a mural on Olympic and Santa Fe with WERC and Isaias Crow.  These artists are currently on a West Coast tour filling neighborhood walls with color.

Was able to catch up with Maxx Moses while he was painting right quick to pick up his piece for the upcoming exhibit.  His artwork awakened the day.  Unfortunately, the piece was too large that it did not fit into the vehicle.  Never fear, a van will come soon.  Art Life 2013. 

Here are some pictures of today's mural being painted by Maxx Moses aka Pose2, WERC and Isaias Crow:

 Maxx Moses aka Pose2 and Isaias Crow
Isaias Crow
 By Maxx Moses aka Pose2
 Maxx Moses aka Pose2

Maxx Moses is everything his bio says he is, check it out:
Writing his name on the New York City subways is where Maxx Moses began. Combining tools of rebellion, spray paint & markers and the knowledge of fine art, he forged his evolutionary style "Concrete Alchemy." "My work is transformational, it is purposely designed to encourage people to think and inspire them to connect with the earth. I mix the energetic shapes and colors of Wild Style lettering with surrealism influenced by dreams and nature.  For Maxx Moses aka Pose2, painting is a process of self discovery, an endless mission of color depth and unknowing.

We look forward to presenting a beautiful painting by Maxx Moses featuring his Concrete Alchemy on canvas at the upcoming exhibit HELLO WORLD opening on April 20, 2013.  Hope to see everyone there.

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